Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learn Sundanese Language


The foreigners who come to Indonesia for the first time will introduce with confusing of many languages although they stay in one place. One language between other is different in pronunciations and sounds. In Example if you come to Bali or Jakarta, there a lot of languages which may be difficult to understand, because there are a lot of people who comes as urban to a big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.
Indonesia is a country of many languages, culture and religion so we call it as unity in diversity. Indonesia has around 300 different languages but as a national language Indonesian people use Bahasa Indonesia.
So before you going abroad to some place in Indonesia, better you learn the language before because language is the most important things for communication with other people.
When walking around in West Java you will probably notice the melodic, wailing way in which people speak, that sounds very different from Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, or Balinese. Chances are that you won't understand a word that is uttered, since word structures are quite complex and long, with a lot of multi syllable tones, which will prove real tongue twisters.
In west java a most people using Sundanese in their lives for communicating something with someone. Sundanese language is quite different from Bahasa. Sundanese language or “Basa Sunda” is a hierarchical dialect. When you speak to different people, you need to know which grammatical path and diction is in order. The way to address people depends on their age as well as status. You can't speak haphazardly to people older than you nor speak very formally to people your age. Of course none of this applies to foreigners or visitors from outside of West Java . Mistakes are smiled upon and usually just the effort will grant you their cheerful acceptance.
So before you visiting Indonesia, it’s a good idea to learn the languages in this blog. Here I will teach you in three languages, Basa Sunda (Sundanese), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language and English (international Language).
The first time u learns about sundanese, you will find the difficulty in pronunciation, but it’s ok and just go on.
Sundanese people are famous with the “polite” in their lives, so if u learns sundanese try starting from now using low tones in communication.
The words are using for asking something in sundanese are using “punten” in the first sentence before you asking something. this is a polite greeting to excuse yourself when you ask something or walk passed and followed by “ mangga ” to reply by way of saying ‘go ahead'
Before we learn to a sentence, first learn about vocabulary of sundanese below, The language structure are sundanese follow with bahasa and English meaning

  • Basa sunda = Bahasa Sunda = Sundanese
  • Wilujeng Sumping = Selamat Datang = Welcome
  • Punten = Permisi = Excuse me
  • Abdi = Saya = I am
  • Anjeun = Kamu = You
  • Taksi = Taksi = Taxy
  • Pantai = Pantai = Beach
  • Laut = Laut = Sea/Ocean
  • Gunung = Gunung = Montain
  • Kembang = Bunga = Flower
  • Mobil = Mobil = Car
  • Kapal Udara = Pesawat = Plane
  • Statsion = Stasiun = Station
  • Jalan = Jalan = Road
  • Bank = Bank = Bank
  • Sakola = Sekolah = School
  • Tulung = Tolong = help
  • Restoran = Restoran = Restaurant
  • Roti = Roti = Bread
  • Sangu = Nasi = Rice
  • Artos = Uang = Money
  • Raksukan = Baju = Clothes
  • Lapar = Lapar = Hungry